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Our generative design software enables architects, builders & developers to quickly generate thousands of architectural plans instantly.

Measure burnout and prevent it, without surveys. Autumn connects with the tools you already use, leveraging AI to help you identify early signs of burnout and pick up on patterns like increasing meetings, less frequent 1:1s, or more messages on weekends, across your team. And it’s not just data – Autumn helps you take action...

Krisp’s AI-powered solution removes background noise and echo from meetings, leaving only human voice. Has features like noise & echo cancellation, widget, insights and call summary.

At Caffeinated CX, we’re all about making your customer support more efficient. That’s why we integrated with all support softwares and we’re always open to adding more. Caffeinated CX guarantees to 10x your customer support efficiency or get your money back!

FGenEds provides users with cheat sheets for general education classes. It allows users to upload a PDF of the lecture slides and transforms the material into an easier to digest format.

Generates resignation letters for you. They have several examples on their site as well.

Transvribe is designed to make learning on YouTube 10x more productive. It uses AI embeddings to enable users to search any video, and also allows users to paste a YouTube URL to ask their first question.

Coverler creates unique cover letters for every job you apply to in minutes. Just provide your skills, experience and job details – and get the perfect cover letter. Our AI-powered tool finds and highlights your skills & experience that match job requirements, and proves that you are the perfect candidate. So you don’t waste time...

Scanner Go is all in one documents - Auto Scan, Edit, Converting or even Secure your documents. Comes with free cloud space. One of the most important and unique features of Scanner Go is its "auto scan" functionality. Simply hold your phone over a document and it will automatically scan it, making scanning a notebook or other documents incredibly easy and convenient.

Timely automates company time tracking, so you and your team can focus on the work that matters.

The AI-powered glossary for your community and customers. Bring clarity to your product, service, and community with a superpowered glossary.

Stock News curated by AI. Can search from 100+ sources.

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