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Measure burnout and prevent it, without surveys. Autumn connects with the tools you already use, leveraging AI to help you identify early signs of burnout and pick up on patterns like increasing meetings, less frequent 1:1s, or more messages on weekends, across your team. And it’s not just data – Autumn helps you take action...

Generates resignation letters for you. They have several examples on their site as well.

Coverler creates unique cover letters for every job you apply to in minutes. Just provide your skills, experience and job details – and get the perfect cover letter. Our AI-powered tool finds and highlights your skills & experience that match job requirements, and proves that you are the perfect candidate. So you don’t waste time...

Has premade tool for a bunch of use cases to help with productivity and creativity, Things like Product managements, Marketing, programming, prediction, venture capital and more

RATH enables you to streamline your data analysis workflow and effortlessly discover insights from complex data sources, creating highly-customizable multi-dimensional Data Visualizations. Beyond that, RATH has A powerful Augmented Analytics engine that identifies patterns, insights, and causal inferences to support data-driven decision-making.

Jobscan is a tool that helps job seekers optimize their resumes for specific job postings and applicant tracking systems. It analyzes your resume and the job description and gives you feedback on how to improve your resume keywords, data, and format. It also uses artificial intelligence to match your resume keywords with your work history.

SwagAI is an AI tool that helps you come up with ridiculous company swag. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and our algorithms will recommend crazy (but sometimes practical) options. makes it simple for users to write cover letters tailored to particular jobs. Users can enter a job title and description, and the application will use artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse the information and create a custom cover letter for them. The end result is a superior cover letter that is customised for the opening. Users who use it stand out from the crowd and land more job interviews.

Coach Marlee by Fingerprint For Success is an AI coach that uses science-based coaching methods. Everyone with internet access can now afford life-changing coaching that the world's top performers, CEOs, celebrities and leaders have used as the secret fuel for their success for decades.

Make job descriptions exciting with personalised and curated copy powered by AI with just two steps. You just need to customize the details and requirements in accordance with the job role and you get a highly personalized job description in seconds.

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FlowGPT: Share, discover, and learn about the most useful ChatGPT prompts that help you streamline your tasks and increase productivity.

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