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Let GPT-3 brainstorm names for your company or product and find available domain names.

Introducing 🍋 LemonRecruiter - the Chrome extension that helps recruiters automate and improve the effectiveness of their LinkedIn outbound messages and job descriptions.

5-Out automatically ingests data from internal (POS, labor scheduling, reservations, events) and external (weather, traffic, events) sources and uses next-gen machine learning to accurately predict upcoming sales (revenue, covers/guests, items), and provides guidance on labor scheduling and purchasing budgets.

Cody is our solution to the limitations of ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, we needed an AI to work a little bit more like an employee - with the ability to be trained on your specific business, industry, and processes. ✅ Upload any document as source material ✅ Automate tasks to boost productivity ✅ See which sources were used for every answer ✅ Use it for tech support or employee training ✅ Ask it to brainstorm & give ideas

Everyday you generate new business ideas, but have no way to immediately validate them, until now using test and start

RhetorAI automates user interviews for faster product-market fit. Once you create a link, their AI is available to interview your users 24/7 and gives you actionable insights - just like an AI product researcher. While analytics can be helpful for validating a hypothesis, you first need one to test. RhetorAI is the tool to help you generate that hypothesis from customers, and get to PMF faster.

A platform where you can generate business ideas with AI, share them with the world and validate before you build. Just type in your idea, let the AI visualise it for you, share it with the community and get your business plan all under a minute!

Follow your curiosity, broaden your horizons.

Get instant feedback on your pitch deck, so fundraising becomes the least of your concerns.

NameSnack was trained on millions of real business names. It doesn't just mash random words together. It actually understands the preferred naming patterns in different business categories and it only suggest names that are still available to register as a .com or domain.

Jusi is an AI-powered tool that enables businesses to bring their ideas to life faster and more affordably than ever before. With its advanced GPT-3 technology, Jusi can generate and search for new ideas. With Jusi, businesses can access the power of AI to develop their ideas faster and more efficiently, giving them the competitive edge they need to succeed.

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