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This Visual Studio Code extension allows you to use ChatGPT combined with our Fine-Tuned GPT3 Code Model to generate code or natural language responses to document, refactor, explain, debug and generate code. Automatically generate code from scratch, ask questions, get explanations, refactor code and find bugs using GPT95

Sketch is an AI code-writing assistant for pandas users that understands the context of your data, greatly improving the relevance of suggestions. Sketch is usable in seconds and doesn't require adding a plugin to your IDE.

Bito's AI Assistant uses OpenAI's ChatGPT in Chrome and your IDE to help developers dramatically accelerate their impact. Bito AI makes it easy to write code, understand syntax, write test cases, explain code, code commenting, check security, and even explain high-level concepts.

Operational AI for the Modern Data Stack. Continual is the leading operational AI platform for the modern data stack. Build predictive models that never stop improving without complex engineering. Try it for free.

Generate cron jobs by just describing how often you want them to run.

Kodezi is the AI developer tool assistant that auto-corrects your code. Improve your code instantly using AI, get your bugs removed using Kodezi.

Warp AI can explain console errors, suggest fixes, write scripts, or walk you through complex installations. No external tools are needed. No context switching. The key advantage of Warp AI is the way it interacts with terminal inputs and outputs. A typical loop starts with asking it to explain an error or suggest a fix from the command line. Warp is fast, Private and Secure and Backwards Compatible

AI Python coding assistant on Google Collab. To get setup, 1. Copy the Javascript from Github. 2. Replace "" in the script with your OpenAI API key. 3. Open and paste the script on your console on Google Colab. Follow this setup guide. 4. Shift + Alt + Enter on Google Colab.

Finally. Automatic Documentation.

Your AI-powered code review assistant. Save costly developer time by automating pull request summaries. Open a pull request and get a summary of the changes in seconds. Instantly understand the implications of small pull requests and get a huge headstart on big ones.

AI-powered search to find code by searching for what it does, not just what it is. Once you find the part of the codebase their AI allows you to make changes simply by describing what you want

This tool hleps you write code without touching the keyboard. It uses your voice to code without typing by talking with GitHub copilot.

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