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Transform your text instructions into Excel formulas in seconds with the help of AI. Stop wasting hours creating Excel formulas. Experience the full power of Excel & Google Sheets AI formula generators to solve problems in seconds.

PromptLoop is a spreadsheet formula that enables users to transform, extract, or summarize any text using AI models. It is designed to be used in Google Sheets and Excel, and can generate answers with powerful AI models. It can be used to analyze sales lists, generate keywords and SEO content, unpack survey responses, draft emails and outreach, and transform messy text.

Goodlookup is a smart function for spreadsheet users. It delivers the benefits of AI language models to regular people.

Like ChatGPT, but from Google Sheets. Get help with inspiration, categorization, translation, correction, summarization with the GPT function.

Create complex Excel formulas using plain English with SheetGod. Our AI-powered tool also allows you to create macros, regular expressions, and basic tasks, as well as Google Appscript code snippets to automate your daily manual work. Try it now and experience the power of SheetGod.

Free AI toolkit that helps you quickly generate excel formulas, VBA automation, regex, and SQL queries. You can also get answers to spreadsheet questions without leaving sheets. You can install their Google Sheets Add-On for free and use their Answer Bot to get answers to questions about spreadsheets, formulas, and more. Their intuitive interface allows you to generate formulas quickly.

This website uses AI to automate generating Regex. It can also translate a given Regex to English.

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