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Circleback transcribes your meetings and crafts notes and follow-up emails that’ll blow you away. Our natural language search lets you ask questions about past meetings like “what is Chris’s biggest problem with their current sales process?”, the same way you’d ask ChatGPT. Circleback works with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and BlueJeans amongst others. Start for free today.

Capture and share insights from your meetings. Otter records meetings, take notes in real-time, and generates an automated summary to share with everyone and to help you remember everything.

Automatically summarise background reading and produce blogs, articles, and reports faster.

This Chrome extension enables you to summarize YouTube videos of any length using your OpenAI key. It is very useful for creating notes or finding the main points of a video without having to watch it.

WordfixerBot is a paraphraser, grammar checker, text summarizer, and text comparison tool. analyzes your sales calls, and generates personalized mini-sites that communicate the needs of your buyers, in their own words. With Meeple you can have a personalized follow-up process. Just click after your sales call to generate one-pagers automatically. Meeple will gather the relevant buyer information from every Zoom call and generate a one-pager to summarize it.

WebMagic AI can save you hours every week by quickly summarizing large amounts of text into shorter versions. It can quickly scan through long articles and summarize them into shorter versions without losing the main ideas or important information. Keep all the articles you've summarized in one place. So you can revisit them whenever you want. Upcoming features of the product include a pdf document searcher.

Chrome extension to get fast explanation of the selected text.

Upword is an AI-powered research tool for individuals and teams. Upword is designed to supercharge your entire research workflow: Extract key ideas from content, capture and edit what you need and create summary documents that you can share with your team.

TLDR helps you summarize any piece of text into concise, easy to digest content. Free yourself from information overload.

Gimme Summary AI is a free Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT to summarize articles on the web. It is 100% free and privacy friendly. It also has a keyboard shortcut function.

Summarize any Slack channel or thread in one click. theGist algorithm goes over the conversation, and instantly creates a short summary for you.

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